Core Technology

  • Strategic Partnership with MAHLE

    International Leadership in Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Engines

    Through independent R&D and development collaboration, Hanteng Autos has put in place an extensive powertrain range, comprised of 1.0T, 1.2T, 1.5T, 1.8T and 2.0T engines. The M series 1.2T 3-cylinder engines, jointly developed with MAHLE Group, boast maximum power output of 120 kW and maximum torque of 286 Nm, in compliance with Euro 6 C (NEDC) emissions standards. Its key technological indexes have all reached the highest international standard, making it the most powerful engine of its kind.

    Developed with future technological requirements in mind, the M series engines are designed with flexible technology scalability, produce strong power using a small intelligent motor, and deliver superior fuel efficiency with lower emissions, giving rise to further possibilities enabled by progressive thinking.

  • Battery Management System

    World-leading NEV Technology

    Hanteng Autos’ battery management system (BMS) integrates advanced technologies, including online intelligent learning, accurate estimation and dynamic equilibrium, to accurately estimate and control the battery status and provide optimum battery efficiency. Based on principles of simplicity, accuracy, stability and safety, it breaks existing technological bottlenecks to accelerate NEV development.

    Simplicity – simplify the process for precise estimation
    The system features real-time online estimation which greatly simplifies calibration and delivers an accurate PACK estimation

    Accuracy – keeping you constantly informed
    With powerful features including real-time control and correction, resistance against low temperatures and battery aging, and control accuracy of within 3%, the system provides real-time statistics on battery status, and constantly maintains the battery’s best working state.

    Stability – delivering consistency amidst fluctuation
    The system substantially increases the battery’s maximum usage-per-charge by 7-10%, and the battery lifetime by more than 100% and, delivering a stronger power and accelerated performance.

    Safety – making the best better
    Hanteng BMS is the first battery management system to be developed with an AUTOSAR-based software platform (EB), in compliance with the ISO26262 configuration requirements and world-leading processes, ensuring safety and reliability in both software and hardware.

  • IoV System

    Disruptive innovation - Changing the IoV landscape

    Hanteng Autos’ IoV system, developed in collaboration with the Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone National Software Industry Base, in line with the principles of “serving the vehicle to serve people”, is an open, over-the-air updatable IoV platform, which provides comprehensive services in six areas including navigation, diagnostics, control, consulting and value-added services in a full-featured Internet+ vehicle ecosystem, with a wide variety of optional features to choose from.

    Intelligent: The Hanteng system provides intelligent, professional, practical and interactive information services for the best user experience. With assurance of security, it comprehensively surpasses smartphones in terms of both content and service model, delivering a truly meaningful and secure human-vehicle connection.

    Free: In an industry first, Hanteng Autos looking forward to the future has leveraged its own platform advantages, user resources and brand resources, to offers its comprehensive IoV services to carowners free of charge.

    Safe: The system, encrypted using the most secure random-key method, protects driver safety and information security. The QR-code-based connection between a one-time random key and the user’s smartphone eliminates the possible security loophole of the unique key being used more than once. Even if the user’s phone is lost, a connection can be established using a spare key, a feature that is both secure and thoughtful.

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